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About Us


SHPC Holding BV was first established in 1991 in Middle East. For the past 30 years, we take pride to be a recognised oil and gas firm operating in upstream, midstream and downstream industry.
Our expertise lies as an engineering, management and consultancy firm in both off and on shore trade.
In 2012, SHPC’s head office was successfully relocated to Voorburg, The Netherlands. Our portfolio excelled to be one of the leading trading firm both in Middle East and Europe. Our network developed worldwide across continents. We determined to strive in building a corporate image.
Our reputable and multinational clients database granted us a great platform to diversify from our mainstream trade. We ventured into rising opportunities with innovation.
Partnerships with other leading traders on site projects added to our portfolio. We globalized relationships with integrity. At SHPC, we commit to serve our clients and indulge success together.


Oil & Gas

SHPC has strong operations in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments. We are connected with a wide range of refineries globally for the sale of all oil and gas products; on both FOB and CIF terms.


With over three decades of excellence in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) segments, SHPC stands as a distinguished EPC company with a wellearned reputation.


In addition to offering our clients expert guidance and support within our specialized domain, our strategic collaboration with IMOcean Academy, a prestigious outsourced coaching firm, broadens the scope of our consultancy services.


We engage in cross-border trade and international consumption, holding an established commercial presence in pivotal regions globally; these operations adhere to the legal terms of respective countries and economies.

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Our expertise lies as an engineering, management and consultancy firm in both off and on shore trade.